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5th Dec- Astro-localities and Astro cartography | part 2


Astro-cartography, also known as astrogeography or locational astrology, is a branch of astrology that focuses on the influence of planetary energies on various locations around the world. It involves mapping the positions of planets at the time of an individual’s birth onto a world map to determine how these planetary energies may impact their experiences and opportunities in different places. Astrocartography is used to gain insights into potential areas of personal growth, career opportunities, relationships, and overall well-being in different parts of the world. By identifying the best and most potent places on the planet, individuals can understand how their astrological chart can guide them to optimal directions and reveal hidden treasures within their birth chart. Recognizing not only what you are doing but also where you are doing it is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of your astrological influences.


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