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19th Dec- Firdaria


Firdaria is a system used in astrology to determine the major phases and influences in a person’s life. It is an ancient Persian astrological technique that divides a person’s life into different periods, called Firdars, each ruled by a specific planet. According to Firdaria, each planet rules over a specific number of years in a person’s life. These Firdars are assigned in a specific sequence based on the planetary placements at the time of a person’s birth. The first Firdar begins with the ruling planet at birth, and it lasts for a specific number of years. Then, the Firdaria cycles through the remaining planets in a particular order until it completes a full cycle. Each Firdar period is believed to have its own distinct qualities and influences, and these planetary rulerships can shape and influence different aspects of a person’s life during that period. The Firdaria system is often used in predictive astrology to analyze and forecast major life events, themes, and significant influences for an individual.


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